Engeneum go live with Release of V3.8 its industry leading digital asset management solution.  Engeneum are continually enhancing their offering and with the release of V3.8 comes an array of new features designed to improve the user experience.

New features include:

  • Sign-up is now a multi-page process making it is possible for a user to change their own email address with verification of the new address now included.
  • Ambiguous characters have been removed from the invite tokens and a number of fields on the login page can now be tailored to client preference via bespoke branding.
  • This release also introduces a major feature with the addition of a Template engine. Although this will be enhanced further over time it is now possible to define templates for each of the notification email types at a client level.  These templates will override the default system email templates which can also be modified.
  • Finally, the ability to retrieve document comments via Web Services API has been added.

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