Who We Are

With 120+ man years of expertise, Engeneum protects and manages your digital assets, with secure sharing and business workflows.

Our journey began when Chris Haden and Ray Cork formed Martec Imaging, a pioneer in digital document management way back in 1990. Martec Imaging had a reputation for its innovative and technical work, and in 1999 was bought by Anacomp Inc to kick start their move to digital document hosting, with Chris Haden staying as the UK Managing Director. 

In 2007 Ray supported Chris both professionally and financially to acquire the data capture subsidiary of Formscan from its plc parent company.  

In 2009 we acquired the UK subsidiary of Anacomp Inc.  The business was providing in house systems, microfilm production, warehouse microfilm storage and retrieval as well as document scanning and hosting. 

More and more clients wanted their information on-line so we acquired a state-of-the-art cloud based digital asset management system, originally called PaperTrail, to develop practical on-line business solutions, as well as partnering with ABBYY to handle an increasing need for data capture solutions too. 

In 2016 to keep in line with the ever changing marketplace the business and product was rebranded to Engeneum.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, it depends on the complexity, but usually within a week of gathering the requirements the first test site can be live.

All client data is held in a private cloud using Microsoft Azure. The data centres are Tier 4, ISO27001 certified.

We have a very flexible approach to payments, and we aim to fit with the financial flow of the client:

  • Monthly fixed fee
  • Monthly actual fee
  • Annual Subscription with end of year adjustments

We aim to create a low cost fixed monthly subscription that suits your business. So, for example if your business is seasonal, we suggest pay as you use. If your business likes to plan, we offer a fixed monthly plan for fixed period.

Engeneum software operates completely in any browser. So actually IT would never know. However, to totally secure you data we can lockdown IP addresses, so this needs IT.

We operate entirely in a Microsoft Azure private cloud environment. The data centres are ISO27001 accredited and managed to Tier 4 standards. The data is backed up in a duplicate data centre.

The current solution is held in Azure South East and backed up in Azure South West. If you need data hosted in another jurisdiction just ask.


A brief overview of the milestones and achievements of Engeneum. This is how Engeneum became the company it is today.


We have been looking after, and securely sharing client data in the cloud for over 20 years. This has lead to some vital statistics:

Engeneum servers
Available Uptime
Largest database index
Largest client (in records)
Client retention since

Meet The Team

With 120+ man years of expertise, Engeneum protects and manages your digital assets, with secure sharing and business workflows.

Chris Haden
Chris HadenCEO
Ray Cork
Ray CorkChairman
Kathy Henshaw
Kathy HenshawBusiness Development
Andrew Pett
Andrew PettCTO

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